Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Its getting there, this is the light and medium versions. I've decided to develop a series of fonts based on a shape that combines classic and modern.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Type Project

We have been asked to design a typeface at uni, this is my basic idea (I still need to create the rest). I wanted it to be something that I would like on a personal level and would represent me, but also something that would work in different contexts. I haven't started playing with the size yet but its a starting point. Each letter will be broken down into parts and each part will have a personality and description.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

AHHHHH... just re-read a brief we were given telling us to do a micro project so here's my micro project in an hour... taken from a D&AD- adding a new value to the HOMEBASE family with a range of 'Grow you own' seeds. I started by changing the lines on the original logo to soften them then added the plants and the type.

A poster about my view of design, and about how bad my last project really was. Its a statement I believe, but the colour and type (Barnbrooks' False Idol) is more about how I feel a lot of design ends up. A little bit negative I know but its my response to being made to do something I don't want to.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Valentines cards for the stall, for some reason the photo has flipped itself but you get the idea.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Valentines Stall Flyers

I've used the 181 logo the Vis Com branding team designed (http://1-8-1.blogspot.com/) to create a Valentines day logo that can be used on the fund-raising stall in uni next week. I tried to keep them as simple as possible but in keeping with the 181 branding so far. They are designed to be printed on coloured paper (cost effective).

Christmas lights

This is a piece I did for The Bond in Digbeth, its a complete breakdown of what we did from brief to realisation. Its still up now, go down and have a look if you like the look of it.

Ps. if you click on the image you can see the detail (it took me ages to work that out)


Hello Hello

Hello Hello. Not too sure what to start with so enjoy my visually bizarre collections of stuff. It'll be a mixture of uni work and stuff I do outside, photography, graphics and crafts its all in here. Let me know what you think :)

I've started with my portfolio as it was 6 months ago. I'll add more as I do it.